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Import / Export / Brokerage

Import, Export & Brokerage Services



Sum Trade Corp is proud to offer complete Import, Export, Co-Packaging & Brokerage Services in the Food and Agricultural-Commodities sector. We are continually growing our relationships with companies around the world and source quality commodities regularly.



Import to Canada


STC offers premium quality foods and beverages from around the world. We specialize in dried fruits, tree nuts, beverages and spices, and import them in bulk. We sell in bulk, bagged as well as offering our Private Label Service (Your Brand Name Here). We help our customers enter the North American market through Canada, guiding them through the Canadian Government’s import requirements that range from ensuring the goods are permitted into Canada (customs) to navigating various duties and taxes, to shipping, examining and reporting your goods, having them released, record keeping, etc.


Export to the world


Sum Trade Corp offers Bulk, Bagged, Branded and Private Label products CFR to port of destination.

For agricultural commodities, we ensure the quality of the product by arranging independent inspection, verification, testing and certification before the shipment is dispatched, thereby absolving the risk and worry of not receiving the shipment expected.


We are proud to be based in Canada and offer our expertise to small and medium sized companies who wish to grow their market internationally. We offer Canadian exporters our expertise by guiding them through the export process to the destination country including customs requirements, export/import declarations and classifications to logistics, shipping, etc.



Brokerage Services


Whether it is Supplier/Buyer Identification, Purchasing, Brokerage Services, Contracting and Consulting, Shipping, Warehousing or Delivery, Sum Trade Corp can help.

Sum Trade Corp operates 24-hours a day. We keep on top of market developments around the clock so that we can identify opportunities for our customers. Timely and accurate information helps to minimize our customer’s risk from beginning to end – purchasing commodities to arranging cost-effective shipping partners, customs liaison and more.