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Sum Trade Corp – STC International





Sum Trade Corp (STC) is an international company providing trade-related services around the world.


With offices in Canada, United States and the Middle East, we help our customers to grow their businesses as new markets – and new opportunities – emerge around the world.


Sum Trade Corp helps to transcend the potential obstacles and risks associated with global trade, from banking (financial rules and regulations) to non-transparent supply chains to cultural and linguistic challenges. Our extensive network and wide-ranging activities give us the ability to gather timely and accurate market information vital to sustained growth in competitive industries.


Sum Trade Corp’s philosophy is that our customer’s success is our success. STC’s personalized attention to every company we work with provides us with an insight and knowledge that helps our customers succeed.


Sum Trade Corp stands out from competitors – here’s why:


  • We conduct various commercial services
  • We establish close ties with raw material producing factories around the world
  • We work cooperatively with reliable commercial partners, with active relationships in North America, Europe, Asia, The Middle East and CIS countries
  • Our flexible commercial technique assures safe transactions with both customers and suppliers
  • Our professional Sales and Marketing Team has extensive experience in international business
  • We offer the best competitive prices and best terms of payment
  • We remove mediating parties in the conveying of raw materials to the final consumers directly
  • Our managerial consultations are based on the valuable experiences of our managers who can provide necessary practical solutions for a wide variety of situations
  • Offering support from A to Z throughout the purchasing process
  • We closely monitor quality to meet customer requirement






Sum Trade Corp is proud to offer complete Import, Export, Co-Packaging & Distribution Services in the Agricultural-Commodities sector. We are continually growing our relationships with companies around the world and source quality commodities from the Americas and Russia regularly, including:


  • Lentils
  • Chickpeas
  • Peas
  • Beans
  • Walnuts
  • Grains
  • Seeds
  • Tree Nuts & Dried Fruits
  • Oils


STC offers Bulk, Bagged or Co-Packaged (Private Label) products CFR to port of destination.


We arrange independent inspection, verification, testing and certification before the shipment is dispatched, thereby absolving the risk and worry of not receiving the shipment expected.


Whether it is Supplier/Buyer Identification, Purchasing, Brokerage Services, Contracting and Consulting, Shipping, Warehousing or Delivery, Sum Trade Corp can help.




STC Private Label for Boutique Grocery



Sum Trade Corp is now responding to local grocer requests by offering over 150 products of the finest available quality, delivered free of charge with generous terms of payment.

Sum Trade Corp’s Private Label services helps our customers to increase their sales by reinforcing their brand or name. Your brand goes home with every product purchased! Every time your product is viewed or used, your brand is reinforced. Your store or stores are the only places where your product can be purchased. If the consumer loves your product, they’ll be back and next time they’re likely to both repurchase and buy other products you offer.


We work collaboratively with our customers – we can use your packaging, boxes, labels, etc. – or we can source the perfect packaging for you!


We support our customers with special promotions throughout the year to help them to launch and market their Private Label products.


Whether your store is looking for Dried Fruits, Tree Nuts, Grains, Seeds, Flours or Tea, Organic and non-Organic products, we look forward to working with you!