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Goods to be offered in MaZzE Brands by STC ;


spices; pickles; lemon juice; pomegranate paste; bread; fruit jam; dried fruits; chocolate; cookies; biscuits; crackers; snack food, namely, bitterballen, candy bar, chocolate-coated marshmallow treats, cocktail sausages, deviled eggs, granola bars, falafel, frozen berries, instant noodles jerky, milkshake, mixed nuts, muffins, nachos, parsnip bits, pita bread, pizza, popcorn, pork pie, pork rinds, pretzels, raisins, ratatouille, rice cake, rice crackers, sandwich, samosa, seeds (sunflower or seed mix), shortbread, smoked salmon; chips, namely, potato chips, tortilla chips Carrot Chips, Corn chips; Cheese puffs/Cheese curls; sauces, namely, tomato sauce, chili sauce, pasta sauce, steak sauce, ketchup, mustard, salsa (prepared), baconnaise, alfredo sauce, Muhammara, onion gravy, sweet soy sauce, fish sauce, yoghurt sauce, pesto, salsa verde, buffalo sauce, salad cream, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, curry sauce; edible nuts; dried beans; unprocessed grains; breakfast cereal; dried Beans, lentils, vetch, peas (unprocessed); prepared food, namely, soups, egg rolls, corn dogs, chicken pie, spinach and feta phyllo, petite quiche, pizza rolls, breaded mozzarella sticks; canned food namely, fried vegetables comprised of parsley, coriander and spinach, and eggplant and curd, celery, pre-cooked stew, wheat pudding; fruit compote; cooked meat, fish and chicken; frozen meat, fish and chicken; sausage; candy; sugar confectionery; fruit-based confectionery; chocolate; chewing gum; pastry; milk; yoghurt; drinkable yogurt; cheese; butter; honey; desserts, namely, puddings, tarts, sweet pies, pies, pastries, ice cream, doughnuts, dessert sauces, custards, cookies, cakes; pasta; cooking oil; salad dressing; edible salt; sugar; coffee; tea; storage boxes, sandwich boxes, food storage containers, plastic food storage bags; freezer bags; garbage bags of plastic; tea pots; non-electric kettles